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The lodging you book is your home away from home. Our goal is to help you to make the selection that best meets your tastes, interests, and expectations. We also want to ensure that your expectations are realistic, particularly with Scertified apartments. Just like your own home, stocks of soap, toilet paper, towels and linens may vary. Unless we specifically tick the box that the apartment has “essentials”, please be prepared, as you would at your own home, to visit a local market to pick up your basics.

What we guarantee is that your apartment has been inspected using a variety of tools including algorithmic analysis of various features, on-site and virtual inspections, social and criminological research of the local neighborhood, input from other visitors, and information provided by our local partners. We will never intentionally misrepresent, omit, or color information about a lodging in order to induce you to book it. That’s what makes us different from other online providers of holiday lodgings.
We try to ensure consistent and high standards. In order to achieve this, we rely on relationships with our local partners. Please bear in mind that standards vary from city to city and country to country and are driven by a variety of factors including socio-economic and cultural norms. What may be considered a gorgeous street in one city may seem raw or somewhat down-market in the context of another. Our system takes all of these factors into account.

Our Scertification evaluates close to 70 individual criteria that are important to mature travelers. While we take into account lodging features that are especially relevant for mature travelers, it is incumbent upon you, the traveler, to advise us of special needs or concerns. Our guarantee is extensive but it is limited nonetheless to our representation of the property you have selected. Outside of acts of God, local disturbances created by workers (such as a delivery, construction repair or waste removal), a special event or unpredictable mechanical failure, we are responsible for delivering the property to you substantially as we have represented it. As much as we’d like to, we cannot guarantee things like good weather, especially in London, UK!

Clipboard with criteria

If, for example, you suffer from an allergy to cats, please let us know in advance as this is not a feature we normally rate. We do, however, indicate where buildings are pet-friendly even if our own apartments do not allow pets. On the other hand, if you plan to travel with a pet, please inform us in advance so we can direct you to suitable accommodation.
Furnishings will generally be as pictured. However, from time to time, last minute changes are made in case of a need to repair, replace, or update. Replacements are substantially similar but may vary in color, design, etc. In some facilities we have more than one unit so you may find yourself with furnishings of the same quality, but with variations in color and style. (For most people this won’t matter but we do not want to create any surprises.) In buildings where we have more than one unit, the unit pictured may not be the exact unit offered, however, the unit’s floorplan, features, and amenities will be substantially similar, and the Scertified rating will be exactly as indicated.

We feature only 3, 4 and 5-star properties based on the traditional quality rating systems, unless otherwise noted. We designate properties as Comfortable, Excellent, and Superior. The Scertified rating evaluates features that are of particular interest to active mature travelers. Therefore, a ‘Superior’ apartment may receive a relatively low Scertification whereas a relatively more modest ‘Comfortable’ apartment may receive a top Scertification due to its excellence in the criteria we rate.

What Do We Rate?

As we mentioned above, we evaluate close to 70 criteria in and around every lodging we offer. Our top rating is 5.0. We will not Scertify an apartment with a rating lower than 3.5 which is why we eliminate up to 8 out of 10 lodgings we evaluate. We cannot list everything we evaluate but here are some of the main things we look at:
• Cleanliness
• General Impression
• Access
• Noise Levels
• Security and Safety
• Neighborhood Quality
• Exterior and Public Areas
• Services
• Location

By inspecting your lodging from nuts to bolts and letting you know what to expect, Scertified ensures that your holiday will be filled with only one kind of surprise — good ones.